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WEEKLY BULLETIN RELEASE:New MHSAA Officials’ Bulletins #4 and #5 have been posted on the MHSAA Officials’ Sport Specific Content Basketball page. View them here:

5 PLAY FRIDAY:  Enhance your playcalling proficiency on the topic of DISPLACEMENT by going here: – 21 min.  
Understand nuances of HARD FOULS by going here: – 15 min. (Click on the “Skip Ads” icon to get to the video quicker)

MHSAA OFFICIALS’ MANUAL — APPROVED MECHANICS AND PROTOCOLS — DRAFT VERSION: A preliminary draft PDF version of the new MHSAA Basketball Officials’ Manual has been posted on the MHSAA Officials’ Sport Specific Content Basketball page. Access that document by clicking here:

Review this online PDF version and begin to become familiar with the approved mechanics adopted and stated by the MHSAA. As with anything new, it will take a little while for all officials in the state to catch up with and catch on to all the expressed, approved mechanics and protocols. This preliminary online release aims to be an effective first step in that process and go a long way to achieve the loyal and lofty goals of “Play-Calling Proficiency, Uniformity, and Consistency” statewide.

*** As with any homegrown project this large, typos and errors in the draft version become apparent. (Note, for instance: some of the diagrams for positioning after foul reporting on pages 77-84 and 146-152 are not perfectly accurate yet — they’re in process of being redone as we speak.) By releasing this document as a draft version, the MHSAA is using the upcoming week to identify and correct typos and inputting errors.  

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