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SB 200 & 201 Project Request

State Senator Hood is working on a project to increase awareness on SBs 200 and 201. SBs 200 and 201 would increase the penalties for assaulting and battering a sports official. Senator Hood is deeply passionate about these bills and would like to see that they are signed into law.

In order to raise awareness of this legislation, his office is coordinating the production of a video that is intended to educate Michigan residents about the dangers associated with being a sports official and to encourage people to contact their state legislators to support the bill to generate momentum for a Senate vote. Right now, SBs 200 and 201 have been voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee but have seemed to stall in getting a vote on the Senate floor.

How you can help: If you would like to participate, you can expect to be asked the following questions for the video production:

1.)    What is your personal story regarding fan/parent aggression?

2.)    Why do you think this bill would help?

3.)    What does this bill mean for you?

4.)    What would it mean for the future of sports?

5.)    What would it mean for future referee recruits?

6.)    What could the future of youth sports look like if nothing is done to help stop aggression against referees?

7.)    What lesson is aggression against referees teaching our children?

In order to participate, please send the best phone number to contact you at, no later than Monday, January 15th at 5:00 pm to:

Nathan Kark

Chief of Staff Senator Morris W. Hood III

Minority Floor Leader Michigan Senate District 3

ph   (517) 373-1254

fax  (517) 373-5338