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Association Registration Reminder

Don’t forget to register with us as an association member! One of the requirements to be tournament eligible is be a member in good standing with a local approved association. Paper registration forms have been mailed out. If you did not receive one, you can print a copy for mailing by clicking the following link:
As a reminder, we’ve been advised by MHSAA to clear out our members in good standing for each sport every year. To be considered a member in good standing with the MDAO for a sport, remember to 1) pay your dues, 2) submit an updated registration form (even if your information has not changed) and 3) attend at least two meetings in each sport you officiate.
Upcoming meeting dates and times can be found on our website at:
If you have conflicts attending at least two meetings in the sport(s) you officiate, please email us at:
This year dues have been increased, for the first time ever, to help us continue to be one of the most active and strongest associations in Michigan. This decision is taken very seriously and we’ll continue to work hard without compensation for the benefit of all our members. We aim to keep members educated and informed through regular email and website updates. We are the only association that has assignors linked to it. Liability insurance, Arbiter fees and meeting expenses have also continued to increase over the years.
Thanks for all your hard work you do and we look forward to working with everyone this upcoming year.
Metro Detroit Athletic Officials