Point Differential Rule

A.  The running clock, 35-point margin rule shall be used for all football games, regular season and playoffs, varsity and subvarsity, high school and junior high/middle school. After the first half, any time the score differential reaches 35 points or more, the following changes, and only these changes, shall be made regarding rules determining when the clock will and will not be stopped. The clock shall run continuously except for the following situations when it will be stopped (T-I-P-S):

Timeouts (charged to a team)

Intermission (between 3rd and 4th quarters, and after a score)

Penalty enforcement (whistle to ready-to-play)

Safety reasons (injuries, etc.)

Normal timing procedures shall resume if the point differential is reduced to less than 35 points. Additionally, should the point margin increase to a 50 point differential any time in the second half, the clock will run continuously except for officials’ timeouts for injured players.

Note: The use of this option does not preclude the use of Rule 3-1-3 which reads: “A period or periods may be shortened in any emergency by agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee. By mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee any remaining periods may be shortened at any time or the game may be terminated.”

B.  In 9th-grade and junior varsity contests, the clock shall start on the ready-for-play signal rather than the snap following a change of possession.