NOTE: Due to the cancellation of spring sports last year because of the Coronavirus, the 2020 NFHS Baseball Rules will be used for the 2021 season. The Rules Changes written last year will apply for the 2021 season. These comments, which all reference the 2020 NFHS Baseball Rules Book, will be in effect for the 2021 season.

Modified the Role of the Defensive Player and the Designated Hitter (3-1-4) — Modifying the role of the defensive player and the designated hitter will assist coaches to strategize how to keep their better players in the game to contribute to the offensive output of the team and give another player a chance to participate on defense. In addition, considering the pitch-count rules, this change will help pitchers (who are typically some of the better hitters) contribute offensively in the game, but still allow them to come out of the game to protect their arms from overuse.