1-5-2c: Verbiage requiring the taper to have a solid surface has been deleted. The change reflects current trends of the sport.

3-2-1: Added language includes options for uniforms relative to inclement weather and other circumstances. State associations may adopt uniform accommodations.

3-2-7: A requirement was added defining the color of sleeves. Exposed upper body and lower body undergarments shall be a solid single color: either black, white, gray, or a school color. Upper and lower body undergarments are not required to be the same color.

3-2-15 NEW: All equipment to be inspected by the umpire shall be placed outside the dugout/bench prior to the start of the game. Umpires will no longer have to enter the dugout/bench while players and coaches are warming up before the game.

3-6-7 PENALTY: This rule has been clarified to address the restriction of coaches to the dugout/bench area after a second violation for an unreported substitution.