1-1-7: In an effort to more clearly define where representatives of the media are permitted, game management may designate such an area in dead-ball territory.  It is no longer acceptable to designate any area in live-ball territory for media to occupy during the game.  Game management is still free to designate a media area anywhere in dead-ball territory.  The change minimizes risk of participants and others involved in the game.  Previously, a ball was declared dead if the media area was occupied but remained live if it was unoccupied.  The possibility that an area is considered a dead-ball area only at certain times during a game could create an unfair advantage for one team.

1-5-2a: Added language in reference to the recently approved “adjustable knob device” that is permanently fastened to the bat by the manufacturer.  A knob may be adjustable but must be permanently affixed while being used in the game.

1-8-4: Addresses shields attached to face/head protection being constructed of non-tinted and non-glare material.  The intent of this change is to make these shields, if worn, consistent with shields on batting helmets (1-6-7) and catchers masks (1-7-1).

6-1-1, 6-2-1: Language to address the change in the penalty for an illegal pitch was changed.  Previously all base runners were advanced one base as well as a ball being called on the batter.  The approved change removes the advancement of base runners.  Considering that an illegal pitch is designed to hinder the batter, the Softball Rules Committee felt that only the batter should receive an advantage from the penalty.