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Fights Among Opposing Teams

Recently there has been a large number of fights between teams resulting in ejections and forfeits.
Please take the time to review this information before you may need it. Click the hyperlinks to access the documents. They are also posted on our website under the ‘Basketball’ tab.
  • MHSAA Point of Emphasis – New point of emphasis from the MHSAA explaining the procedure for officials when a fight occurs.
  • Remember that reports are mandatory and non-negotiable after a fight or disqualification that result from unsportsmanlike behavior.
  • Don’t forget reports of ‘Praise’ can also be submitted using the same system to recognize schools for sportsmanship and hospitality.
As we leave 2018 behind us and look forward to 2019, let’s hope we don’t need to face any more of these unfortunate situations. But we must be prepared to apply the rules accurately and consistently should a fight occur in one of our contests.
Thank you for working to get better
Metro Detroit Athletic Officials