2020 Football Preseason Meeting Updates

Football is resuming and we have updates for you! There is a lot of information, so be sure to read through all of it.

We will have two virtual meetings (links to follow soon) on the following dates and times:

Friday (9/11) 7:00pm – COVID-19 Mechanics Discussions

Monday (9/14) 7:00pm – Football Season Points of Emphasis and Rule Changes

We will record these and make them available to the membership. However, we encourage you to log in for the live presentation so you may ask questions as necessary. We may have an in-person option for a meeting. Please stayed tuned.

Because of this, we will not be able to host officiating gear vendors. Please take the time now to check your gear and order online anything you might now to prepare for the rapidly approaching season.

Correct Call Officiating
Purchase Officials

Below is a link for the 2020 MHSAA Return to Play Guidelines (UPDATED):

The due date for the following is to be determined, but will need to be completed.Work on them now!

The traditional rules portion of the meeting must be completed through the MHSAA website this year. Please log onto the MHSAA Officials Services page to complete the required rules meeting(s):

Below is a link for the MHSAA 2020 Football Officials Exam. Please remember to log into the MHSAA Officials Services page under Exams to complete it:

Submit an individual regular season schedule and crew consideration form:
Individual Schedule:


Crew Form (Coordinate with your crew chief):


To be a “Member in Good Standing” with an Approved Association, officials must be up to date on association dues and attend 50% of the association meetings. This is not new this year, but was stressed at a recent MHSAA Leadership meeting. Since we will not be meeting in person, you may fill out a registration form by clicking on the following link and mailing it and payment to:

Metro Detroit Athletic Officials

11204 Hickory Grove Ct.South Lyon, Michigan 48178

Thank you more than ever this year for your patience, dedication

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