Officials’ Bulletins

Weekly Officials’ Bulletins have been regularly posted on the MHSAA website on a special page dedicated solely to registered basketball referees. These training resources offer rules awareness, approved mechanics insights, and game management techniques for personal study, small group discussion, and crew pregame use. The plan is for these viewable and downloadable bulletins, in PDF format, to be a weekly feature, and to notify you when a new bulletin gets posted.  

To access the 2019,20 Officials’ Bulletins that have been posted thus far:

  Option A – On the website, go to Officials, then Sport-Specific Content, then Basketball. The first three Bulletins for this season are listed in order there. Or . . .

  Option B – Click on this link now to see the weekly Officials’ Bulletins that have been posted so far:     

Reminder: Varsity schedules for MHSAA post-season tournament assignment consideration are due by December 1. The links to those forms are also posted on the basketball officiating webpage noted above.

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