Local Football Training Camp Begins May 18th!

Kendall Sherman Annual Football Training Camp

This camp is for anyone interested in officiating high school or college football from beginners to more experienced officials wanting to improve. Kendall Sherman has trained in this class and work with many football officials that have gone on to work in the MIAA, GLIAC, MAC, BIG 10 and the UFL.

The camp begins May 18th!

So don’t delay signing up! The camp is only $125 for an in depth education for football officiating.

To register contact Kendall Sherman at 248-561-0131 and submit payment to @kendallgsherman78 via Venmo.

The camp is six sessions (Saturday mornings) over the course of three months beginning May 18th to August 3rd at Birmingham Groves High School.

´╗┐Guest speakers and trainers will include Gaylon Williams (BIG 10), Shawn Smith (NFL), Nicole Randolph (BIG10 & UFL), and Will McKoy (BIG10 & MHSAA Assistant Director).

Thank you more than ever this year for your patience, dedication

Metro Detroit Athletic Officials


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