Basketball Post Season Items

All other items (besides rules presentation) are due Wednesday January 3rd.

Please make sure to follow the links below to ensure that you have completed all necessary requirements (links included below):

Rules Meetings

Also required to officiate any high school competition!

Be sure you have completed BOTH the “Official Rules Meeting” and “Basketball Rules Meeting” presentations. If you work MHSAA games before viewing BOTH the presentations, you WILL be penalized by the MHSAA.

Member In Good Standing (MIGS) Status

Do not delay checking your status!

If you are a MIGS with us, you should show as MIGS twice (once for girls and once for boys basketball).

Email Mike Schram at if you are not MIGS, but believe that you should be.

Selecting Tournament Availability

By default you are unavailable for all dates. Remember to submit BOTH your boys AND girls tournament availability using the separate drop down boxes.

Submitting Regular Season Schedule

Remember to submit BOTH your boys AND girls varsity contests using the separate drop down boxes.

Taking the Tournament Exam

You have two chances for a successful score.

If you could not make the test review meeting, you may view a recording at:

A pdf copy of the test is available at:

To submit the answers to the exam, click:

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