Q1. (True or False): When a team is in a shotgun formation, no player may block below the waist during the down.

Q2. Wide Receiver A80 runs a fly pattern and a) accidentally or b) intentionally runs OOB to beat press coverage. A10’s pass is thrown to A80; but falls incomplete. What foul, if any, has occurred in each instance, what is/are the penalty (ies), and from where is/are it/they enforced?

Q3. With a) 2 minutes or b) no time remaining on the clock, the National Anthem is played. In each case, Team A, the home team, is not on the field; but Team B is. The officials penalize Team A 15 yards for USC to start the game. Were the officials correct in each instance?

Q4. True or False: During an injury time out, teams may meet with their coach in the center of the field as long as they don’t interfere with those attending to the injured player.

Q5. At the snap, A22 is illegally in motion. A12’s pass is intercepted by B4 at his 35. During B4’s return, B43 is called for flagrantly targeting A50 at the B48. B4 is then hit by A77 and fumbles. A60 recovers the fumble at the A45. How should this play be handled; and when does the clock start?

Q6. During a kick-off return by R22, K40 and R88 commit personal fouls against each other at the R40. The officials cannot decide who fouled first. How should this play be handled?

Q7. 3/10 for A from their 40. A10’s pitch (backwards pass) to running back A25 is muffed and while rolling at the A35, the loose ball is kicked by A25 downfield where: it is a) recovered at the B10 by A88 who runs it into the EZ; or b) is muffed by B15 – at the B10 and is then recovered by A88 at the B8. Ruling in each case?

Q8. 4/10 for K. K16’s punt from their 30 travels toward R’s sideline. During the kick, non-player, R75, who should be in the game (and is K’s 11th player), runs onto the field at the R35 to block K25 – springing R22, who caught the kick at the R30, for a TD. What, if any, foul(s) has R75 committed and what would be K’s option(s)?

Q9. (True or False): The Point Differential Rule (>35 but <50) allows for the clock to stop only for time outs, injuries, and following scoring plays?

Q10. 3/25 for A at the A50. A88 (who was covered up by WR A33) commits illegal touching while A10’s pass is in flight – and pops into the air where it is almost immediately intercepted by B40 at his 40. When an official observes A88’s foul, he inadvertently blows his whistle. How should this be handled?