Q1. When R touches a kick beyond the ENZ, and then fouls – OR if the penalty is accepted for any foul committed during the down  6-1-7; 6-2-5

Q2. 1) Yes; 2) No  2-13-1,2,3,4; 8-5-1; 8-5-1; CB 8.5.1 Sit B, C;

Q3. Targeting (n) is contact above an opponent’s shoulders with an arm, helmet, hand, etc. Such a foul MAY, in itself, lead to DQ. Targeting (v) is contacting a player obviously out of the play or in a vulnerable position (unable to protect himself). This must be considered “flagrant” in order to consider DQ   9-4-3m; 9.4.3 Sit V and Comment; 2-32-16 (a-h)

Q4. No   3-5-10d

Q5. Safety? Yes; period extended? No  3-3-4b (5)

Q6. Snap    3-4-3i; 10-1-1

Q7. Incorrect. B’s ball 1/10 from their 3     8-5-2a Exception; CB 8.5.2 Sit A

Q8. 1/10 for A at their 11    10-3-1c and Note; 10-4-2b; All-but-One RB pgs 80 and 81

Q9. The choice belongs A.     Demitriou interpretation from Reddings study guide

Q10. In situations 1 and 2, R’s ball at their 3. In situation 3: TD for K    8-5-2 Exception; CB 8.5.3 Sit C