Q1. Under what circumstance(s) does R lose it’s right to first touching of a kick?
Q2. Can a new force be added to 1) a grounded fumble; or 2) a backward pass in flight?
Q3. True or False: When a team is in a shotgun formation, no player may block below the waist during the down.

Q4. True or False: When player’s helmet comes off (not the result of a foul) on the last play of the first or third period, that player may participate in the first play of the next period.
Q5. As time expires for the 1st quarter, Team A is called for holding in it’s end zone. Officials award Team B a safety and extend the period for Team A’s free kick. Were the officials correct? Why?
Q6. With the game clock running, Team A allows the play clock to expire. Team B wishes to decline the distance penalty. When will the clock restart?
Q7. B25 intercepts A’s pass in his own end zone. As B25 attempts to return the interception, he is hit and fumbles the ball which rolls out of his EZ and goes out of bounds at the B3 yard line. Officials award team B a touchback. Is this correct?
Q8. 1/10 for A from their 6 yard line. QB, A10, is hit at his 2 yard line and fumbles. The ball rolls into A’s end zone where A10 recovers. During the play, B75 grabs A50’s facemask but does not twist it. After enforcement of the facemask penalty, where will the ball be next put in play?
Q9. 3/10 for A from the B40. With less than 2 minutes to play in the second quarter, and the game clock running, B20 grabs and twists runner A30’s facemask – after which A88 commits a dead ball personal foul against B20. Both fouls are accepted. Where will the ball be next put in play and which team, if either, has the choice as to when the clock will start?
Q10. R22 catches K’s punt over his shoulder at his 3 yd line. His momentum carries him back into his EZ. As he attempts to run out of the EZ, he is hit and fumbles the ball. The fumble is recovered in the end zone by 1) R22, 2)R40, or 3)K88. What is the ruling in each case.