Q1. A) end of the related run

      B) previous spot (ex. PSK or some RTP fouls)

      C) end of the kick

      D) spot where possession was gained (provided the play ends in the EZ or goes OOB behind the goal  line)

      E)  The “answer” to this part is too complicated for the purpose of this quiz. Will be answered separately

RULES: 2-42 (6, 7,8); 10-4 (1-4); 10-5-1(a,b,d,e,f,g)

Q2. A may: take the point and enforce the penalty on the first play of the OT session.  t will be 1/goal for A from the 5 or 1/goal for B from the 25; or  A may take the point off the board and replay the down from the 1.5 yd line

      RULES: 10-5-1(d,e); Case Book )OT Plays: 5-1-1; 3-1-1 Sit F

Q3. R may choose to enforce the illegal contact foul from the previous spot (and re-kick) or they may take the ball at the spot of first touching

      RULES: 6-1-7; 9-3-8


Q4.If K accepts R22’s foul, they may replay 4th down with 5 yards to go from the R45; or they may want to pin R at the 1.5 yard line (following enforcement of R44’s PSK foul). So, it is important to provide all the options available to the offended team.

      RULES: 2-16-h(3)

Q5. On the snap

      RULES: 3-4-3c

Q6.  On the RFP 

      RULES: 3-4-3b; Case Book Play: 3.4.3 Sit D

Q7. B’s ball; 1/10 from their own 40 yard line.

      RULES: 5-1-2a,b; 6-2-3


Q8.   Legal.  There is no foul in FED for ”12 in the huddle”.  

      RULES: 3-7-1; 9-6-4d   

Q9. Illegal formation.  If accepted, a 5 yard penalty is enforced from the previous spot.

      RULES: 7-2-5b (Ex.1)  

Q10. 1) 2nd down for B at the 5 yard line

         2) TD for B