Q1. What is the basic spot for each of the following
– Running Plays
– Loose Ball Plays
– Plays involving momentum
– Fouls during plays that end in the End Zone
Q2. A scores on the last play of the game and decides to kick the PAT to tie the game. During the successful try, B roughs the kick/holder.
What are A’s options?
Q3. K’s on-side kick from the K40 is rolling at the K45. R22 is moving forward to recover the kick when he is forcefully contacted by K33 at the K46 preventing R22 from recovering the kick. The kick is then touched by K5 at the K49. What, if any, foul has been committed and what would be the offended team’s options?
Q4. 4/15 for K which trails by 2 points with 1:30 left on the 4t h quarter game clock. K has all 3 TO’s remaining. During a legal scrimmage kick from K’s 45, gunner K81 is held by R22 at the K46 and gunner K85 on the other side is held by R44 at the R49. The kick is deep and rolls dead at the R3 yard line. What are K’s options?
Q5. 4/10 for K from their 26. K6’s legal kick is caught by Rl0 and returned to the 50 yd line where he is hit and fumbles. K recovers at
f!)f- the K45. When does the clock start?
Q6. 3/10 for A, Al0’s pass is intercepted by B40 at the B35. During his return, he fumbles at the 50 yd line and the ball is recovered by A22. When does the clock start?
Q7. 4/20 for A from their 30. A20’s punt is partially blocked behind the line by R. The kick goes beyond the expanded neutral zone where it rebounds, untouched, behind the LOS. K21 recovers the kick and advances to his 45 where he is tackled. R’s coach goes “wild” (insisting the advance by A/K should not be allowed) and earns an USC foul. Which team next snaps the ball- and from where?
Q8. Late sub A12 enters the huddle just prior to it breaking up. The replaced player then leaves the field and is off the field prior to the snap. Legal or Illegal?
Q9. On 3rd down, A is lined up for a FG attempt with a holder 7 yds deep and a player in position to kick the ball 3 yds behind the holder.
#22 is the snapper; and #50, 66, 89, 90 , 91, and 75 are on the LOS. The
kick is good. Legal or illegal?
Ql0. In OT, Team A fails to score on it’s possession. Team B decides to try a FG on 1st down of it’s possession. The kick is blocked. As team A celebrates it’s defensive success, (1) B99 recovers the ball at the 15 yd line; or (2) B99 picks up the ball at the 15 yd line and runs into the EZ; or
(3) an officials blows his whistle prior to B99’s possession; or (4) after B99 secures possession; or (5) nobody makes an attempt to secure possession. Ruling(s)?