Game Suspension Guidelines

I.   On threatening days, game management should consult with contest officials about steps to be followed if conditions worsen.

II.   When suspending an outdoor contest, officials and game management shall follow these guidelines.

A.  When lightning is observed or thunder is heard, the contest must be The occurrence of lightning or thunder is not subject to interpretation or discussion —lightning is lightning; thunder is thunder.

B.  Severe weather in the form of rain or snow may make the field.

III.  When a contest is suspended, the home school administration shall attempt to arrange for the security of all participants.

A.  Contestants and support personnel shall be moved to appropriate indoor facilities.

B.  When lightning is observed or thunder is heard and the contest is suspended, contestants shall not return to the playing field until lightning has been absent from the local sky and thunder has not been heard for 30 minutes.

C.  Spectators shall be advised of the action being taken to seek shelter. (Some hosts may be able to offer shelter to spectators but are not required to do so.

IV.  In considering resumption of competition, the following steps shall be

A.  Delays for contests scheduled prior to 3 p.m. must not exceed three Delays for contests scheduled for 3 p.m. or later must not exceed one and one half hour. Delays on nights not followed by school for all the competing teams may be longer by mutual agreement of participating schools. A postponed contest shall be rescheduled on a date/time mutually agreed to by the schools involved.

B.  A decision to resume the contest within the time frame must be made by the officials who shall consult the home team administration and visiting school administration present at the contest.

C.  The home school is responsible for facilities and will be given priority consideration in the final decision if there is no consensus among the three parties.

D.  The final decision shall consider liability and conditions of facilities as well as future schedules, need to play the contest and finally the quality of all other options.

NOTE: More restrictive local policies and MHSAA tournament policies would supersede these guidelines and should be shared with the opponents and officials prior to the contest, preferably in writing. Otherwise, and to the extent allowed by the playing rules code, the official(s) will make the final decision regarding game suspension once the game begins.